About Osaka Dental University

Founding Spirit

Founding Spirit

By the time of graduation, students are expected to have acquired the specialized knowledge and techniques of dentistry and dental medicine. They will also have been encouraged to cultivate a caring attitude, maintain a strong sense of responsibility toward the path they have chosen, acquire a philanthropic social outlook and spirit of dedication, and strive to work for the common good.

Five Basic Goals

  • Improve branding to attract students
  • Improve scholastic performance
  • Improve teaching
  • Focus on cultivating caring attitude
  • Focus on faculty development

Three Additional Goals

  • Expand student abilities to conduct international exchange
  • Boost graduate school performance
  • Improve research capabilities

Educational Policy

Our educational policy follows the general educational objectives and policies prescribed in Japan’s Fundamental Low of Education. Our objective is to produce dental practitioners who are also well-balanced individuals capable of applying everything they learn at the university. To achieve this, we focus both on academic scholarship relating to dentistry that involves in-depth research and teaching of theory and techniques in specialist fields, and provide students with the knowledge, skills, and moral principles that a dentist needs in the real world.
Accordingly, students of the university must have aptitude and potential to be a dentist and study in line with this educational policy. The aptitudes needed to be a dentist are summarized in the three items below.

Suitable ability
The intellectual and scholastic ability needed to understand dentistrydefineheory and techniques and the technical aptitude to put them into practice
Suitable personality
A sense of responsibility as a dentist, with a dentist’s outlook on society, a broad worldview, attitude, will, and other facets of character
Suitable physical strength
The stamina and energy to do the physical work required of dentist

To be a dentist, one cannot have one aptitude but lack another. All three aptitudes listed above are essential. Over the course of the university’s integrated six-year program these crucial aptitudes are cultivated while all the time maintaining respect for the individual personality of each student. The goal of our educational program is, ultimately, to produce capable dentists who possess a rich, human warmth.