Public Relations

Osaka Dental University Extension Course

The extension course was started in 1993 as part of the school's public relations activities.  It is open to the public and held twice a year (summer and winter).  The lecturers of O.D.U. introduce different topics ranging from simple health tips to recent findings in research.


Opening address from the president


Lecture at Kuzuha Campus


A short concert following the lectures


Lecture at Temmabashi Campus


Lecture at Temmabashi Campus


Extension Course

17th (2009) "Healthy Life with Good Oral Health"

Title Lecturer
Dentition and Occlusion Prof. Naoyuki Matsumoto
Adult Dental Health Assoc.Prof. Tatsuro Miyake
How to Care for Your Child's Teeth Prof. Michiharu Daito
Oral Health for the elderly Prof. Yutaka Komasa

16th (2008) "Recent Treatment for Outpatients"

Title Lecturer
Fresh Breath - Bad Breath Treatment for Outpatients Prof. Masatoshi Ueda
Tooth Whitening for Outpatients Prof. Kazuyo Yamamoto
Dry Mouth and Dry Eye for Outpatients Prof. Shosuke Morita
Dr. Naoko Kishimoto
Special Clinic for Jaw Deformities Dr. Masahiro Nakajima

15th (2007) "Recent Dental Treatment"

Title Lecturer
The Importance of the Teeth and the Role of Dentures Prof. Hiroshi, Inoue
Before Having Dental Implant Treatment Dr. Takanori Eto
Pediatric Dentistry and Dentistry for the Handicapped in Dental Hospitals Prof. Michiharu Daito
What Everyone Wants to Know About the Prevention and the Treatment of Periodontal Disease Prof. Masatoshi Ueda

14th (2006) "Keeping the Health of the Mouth and the Teeth"

Title Lecturer
When the Tooth is Lost Dr. Keiji Saratani
When Taste Changes Dr. Tomio Iseki
How to Care the Mouth Dr. Kazutoshi Kakimoto
Dr. Michiko Miyamoto
Relationship Between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Disease Prof. Hisao Imai
Dr. Masatoshi Ueda

13th (2005) "For People Suffering from Oral Diseases"

Title Lecturer
Suffering from Bad Breath Dr. Masatoshi Ueda
Difficulties in Opening the Mouth Prof. Kenji Kakudo
Suffering from Dry Mouth Dr. Joji Okazaki
Denture Complaints Dr. Harukazu Kanehira

12th (2004) "Health in Middle Age"

Title Lecturer
Oriental Medicine and Health Dr. Ichinyo Ho
Obesity and Eating Habits Dr. Isako Shioji
Keeping Good Company with Medicine Dr. Mitsuko Shinohara
Personal Oral Health Dr. Ikiko Tsuji

11th (2003) "Health in Old Age"

Title Lecturer
Ear disease in Middle and Old Age Dr. Toru Minatogawa
Eye Disease in Old Age Dr. Naoko Kishimoto
A Healthy Mouth is the First Step of Beautiful Old Age Prof. Yutaka Komasa
Map of the Mouth: Image Diagnosis Prof. Yonoshin Koseki

10th (2002) "Beautiful Teeth and Mouth"

Title Lecturer
Tooth Whitening Prof. Masayoshi Inoue
Surgical Correction of Teeth and Jaws Prof. Kenji Kakudo
Reforming the Alignment of the Teeth Prof. Tatsuo Kawamoto
Esthetic Dentistry with Dentures Dr. Tetsuji Kusumoto

9th (2001) "Dental Therapy in the 21st Century"

Title Lecturer
Progress in Dental Caries Therapy Dr. Masataka Inoue
Progress in Periodontal Disease Therapy Prof. Hisao Imai
Laser Therapy in Dentistry Dr. Mamoru Kumasaki
Dental Implant Therapy Dr. Takanori Eto