Learn human structure

To get involved in medical care, you need to know the human body mechanism. "Anatomy" is the study to learn the human body mechanism from "structure," or "morphology," and this is why it is called "the most basic of basics" in medical studies. Despite common misunderstanding that knowledge of only "oral cavity" would be necessary for all dentists, "oral cavity" is the entrance of the digestive tract not independent from the entire body and is deeply related with it.
Therefore, in this Department of Anatomy, we teach entire human body structures, not limited to head and neck, ranging from macroscopic to microscopic levels perspectives. So, it demands a considerable amount of time for lectures and practical trainings. Because lectures and practical trainings are conducted over a long period, we test students' learning and knowledge during the course. In this department, many specimens, models, etc. are available to meet the need of highly motivated students.


Prof. UEMURA Mamoru
Uemura Mamoru
Prof. TODA Isumi
Isumi Toda
  • Assistant Professors: Yoshikawa Masaaki, Yoichi Sumi
  • Graduate Student Makoto Yamane