What is a Career Center?

To assist you in making decisions about the direction of your career, the Career Center of Faculty of Health Sciences offers the following services:

Services Offered by Career Center


Consult your concerns about career options, employment, further education, etc.

We provide you with necessary information, and support your career development, by sharing where and how you can acquire abilities you need, and what your strengths and aptitudes are.
At the Career Center, we welcome not only third- and fourth-year students who start to think about the future more specifically but also first and second year students.

Organize seminars to help your career planning

We hold seminars about the meaning of work, labor laws, industry research, corporate research, etc., and lectures on manners, knowledge, communication skills, and other topics necessary for job searching.

Conduct studies and researches on career planning

We study and research awareness on career development and career planning among students of Faculty of Health Sciences, as well as their needs for career education and support for growing personnel needed by society, so we can consider effective support for students of Faculty of Health Sciences.

Liaise with medical institutions, offices, and other organizations

We actively liaise with relevant organizations, so that students of Faculty of Health Sciences are demanded and can play an active role in society.


The center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on weekdays.
Eating and drinking are prohibited within the Career Center (the gray carpeted area).
We ask for your cooperation not to bring in food or drink.
Students may take away or copy materials and books outside the Career Center only after obtaining permission.

Consultations Offered

There are two rooms available for consultation to protect your privacy.

We also practice job interview simulation and give advice and guidance on how to write entry sheets.

A first grade Certified Skilled Professional of Career Consulting (national qualification) mainly provides these services, besides a qualified dentist, a dental hygienist, a dental technician, and a social worker.

We accept reservations at the reception counter or by e-mail.

Facility Information

Career Center of Faculty of Health Sciences is located in the gray carpeted section on the first floor of the Makino Campus Welfare Facility.

Career Center Map

① Reception Counter

You can sign up for copying, renting materials, and consultations.

② Bulletin Board for Career Information and Career Planning Materials

Announcements about employment fairs, TOEIC/TOEFL tests, newspaper articles related to medical care and career planning are posted.

③ Computer for Information Search

Three PCs are available for searching information about employment examinations, internships, and career planning.

④ Reference Room

Free access to references is available.

⑤ Booth for Visitors

A space to discuss job openings with staff from medical institutions or companies.

⑥ Area for Information and Books about Employment and Career Planning

References and books necessary for job and career planning are available. You can also read employment examination reports about written examinations and interview questions filled by vocational school students.

⑦ Consultation Room

A private room for consultations about career planning, employment, further education, etc.