Long-established course for dental biomaterials research

In the oral maxillofacial region, if an organ/a tissue is lost due to disease or injury, etc., it is necessary to restore its morphology and function using various dental biomaterials. The materials used in this process range from metals to polymers, ceramics, and their composite materials, as well as recently introduced biological materials. Many instruments and devices are also used. Understanding natures and handling of these dental materials and instruments/devices is important for clinical dental practice. The Department of Biomaterials uses natural sciences such as physics, chemistry, and biology as the foundation to understand dental materials and instruments/devices from the broad viewpoint of our entire body, while promoting learning of their close association with clinical practice. The main themes of research are development of dental biomaterials with excellent biocompatibility as well as biological safety evaluation based on biological studies.


Prof. HASHIMOTO Yoshiya
Yoshiya Hashimoto
  • Associate Professor Junichiro Jo
  • Assistant Professors: Mari Akiyama, Tsubasa Shirai
  • Graduate Student Wang Junyi