Develop the spirit of science (research mind) and brush up qualities as a healthcare professional

It is necessary to pass the National Dental Examination to be a dentist. In this class, we help the students learn the practical study to pass the exam and deepen their understanding of the knowledge they learned in the lectures. In addition to teaching academic knowledge that is immediately useful, we will cultivate the spirit of science (research mind) for the hypothesis, experiment, and verification in the process of how the cutting-edge research we are now learning was discovered, and help the students find their "own potential" and "dreams" that will be the foundation when they aim to be a dentist. In specific, we will cultivate the following: "the qualities and abilities of finding problems by yourself, learning, thinking, and making a decision by yourself, acting, and better solving problems," "the attitudes of cooperating with other people, caring for others, and being inspired while disciplining yourself," "rich humanity," and "health and physical strength to live strong." By acquiring these qualities, your potential will be greater and your dream will come true.


Prof. MASUNO Kazuya
Kazuya Masuno
Prof. WANG Baoli
Baoli Wang
Prof. TAMURA Isao
Isao Tamura