Thinking about a wide range of substances and phenomena familiar to you by looking through the eyes of chemistry

Chemistry is the science to study substances and phenomena familiar in our life, based on the structure and nature of their smallest units, such as elements, atoms, and molecules. In dentistry, various things can be explained and understood through chemistry, for example, a substance called hydroxyapatite forms enamel, which is a component of teeth; an acid causes decay (dental caries) by a neutralizing reaction with hydroxyapatite; a substance called sodium fluoride is used for prevention of dental caries; a phenomenon called buffering action is caused by ions found in our saliva; a substance called macromolecule is polymerized by light and found in a composite resin repair material. For this reason, it is important to understand chemical substances and phenomena correctly in order to acquire strong dental expertise. In chemistry, through lectures and practical training, first-year students will learn chemical perspectives and thinking required for dentists.


Prof. FUJIWARA Shin-ichi
Shin-ichi Fujiwara
  • Assistant Professors: Yoshimasa Makita, Susumu Tsuda