Not only dental anesthesia but also general anesthesia is performed

Dental procedures sometimes require general anesthesia. At Osaka Dental University Hospital, 600 cases of general anesthesia are performed per year for surgeries in operating rooms, and additional 100 cases or more of general anesthesia are performed for minor day surgeries for dental treatment of outpatients with intellectual disability and children. We operate a pain clinic in which we care patients suffering from pain or paralysis, offer emergency care to help patients who lose consciousness or experience a sudden change during dental treatment, and provide treatment to patients otherwise unable to receive dental care due to an organ or psychiatric disease, as well as psychosedation to patients who have a problem in receiving dental care due to strong dental phobia. These are all managed by dentists. By learning in this department, you will be amazed by breadth of work that can be performed by dentists.


prof. MOMOTA Yoshihiro
Yoshihiro Momota
prof. Yasushi Sakuma
Yasushi Sakuma
(Medical Safety Management)
  • Associate Professor Yozo Manabe
  • Assistant Professors: Takuya Uchida, Yoshida Keita, Yukiko Arai
  • Graduate Students: Yanase Toshiko, Yurie Taniguchi, Kanoko Hirata, Igarashi Yoichi, Nagamatsu Ryosuke