We not only study dental occlusion but also are engaged in multidisciplinary clinical practice and research!

Prosthodontics means the study of "complement and restoration." Simply described, it is the study on how to restore teeth by complementing teeth and combining with materials. Prosthodontics involves study on different types of artificial replacements called prostheses, commonly known as dentures, post crowns, bridges and implants. Among others, the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics will offer you training for creating dental prostheses such as a crown or bridge and improving dental occlusion for patients with a certain number of remaining teeth. A natural tooth has a part named "periodontal ligament." This periodontal ligament plays a very important role in recognizing hardness of food and adjusting force to bite it. A part of the Japanese name of this study (natural dentition) derives from the treatment of teeth that has this periodontal ligament with the initial word of periodontal ligament.

In this department, we are not only engaged in clinical practice, research and education, but also enjoy international exchanges with foreign students and department trips. We also get together for fishing or golf on a voluntary basis. As a healthcare professional, it is very important to work hard and play hard. The Department of Fixed Prosthodontics fosters not only your knowledge and skills but also a good heart and sound mind as a healthcare professional.


Prof. KASHIWAGI Kosuke
Kosuke Kashiwagi
Prof. Tanaka Junko
Junko Tanaka
  • Assistant Professors: Masaki Satoh, Katsunori Torii, Masaki Kakudo, Mayu Yamamoto, Yuka Yasui, Shinji Matsuo
  • Graduate Students: Shohei Itoda, Kohei Taniguchi, Keisuke Hori, Yuka Yoshikawa, Tsumori Yusuke, Lyu Xinghui, Zhong Maowei, Joi Kawano, Mitsuha Yamasaki, Zijie Wang, Kobayashi Ryuichiro, Sakai Yu, Dote Kotaro, Yoneda Mana, Fu Yi, Hou Yuxi, Li Chichun