Safe, reliable, and best medical care for each patient

After oral implant therapy was introduced to our university hospital approximately 30 years ago, excellent doctors with expertise, skills, and a great mind entirely devoted themselves every day to achieving higher therapeutic goals for patients, and their spirit has been inherited for many years. Oral implant therapy, which is the relatively new field that started in the late 20th century, has brought a new era to the dental community worldwide. They made remarkable advancements and developments and contributed to dramatic improvements in patients' quality of life. On the other hand, because it requires a sophisticated surgery, comprehensive prosthodontic techniques, and high cost, many issues are still controversial in the society.

In addition, the public exhibits an increasing interest in regenerative medicine, which can regenerate lost tissues and restore their functions by using iPS cells, etc. There are also great expectations for its clinical application, and we are committed to research on regenerative medicine in dentistry. Recognizing this department as the forefront of education, clinical practice, and research of the university in this social environment, we train clinicians who can provide safe, reliable, and optimal medical care as suitable for each patient in clinical practice, develop new medical devices and medical technologies that will be useful for the society, and grow researchers.


Prof. BABA Shunsuke
Shunsuke Baba
Prof. Kaoru Kusano
Kaoru Kusano
  • Associate Professor: Morinaga Kenzo
  • Assistant Professors: Tomoya Hara, Yuki Teranishi, Yoshikawa Gou, Uwazumi Takahito, Uwazumi Suguru
  • Graduate Students: Akihisa Asano, Hideki Imai, Naoki Kaneko, Gyokin Ki, Ryuichi Sakaguchi, Hitoshi Seo, Yoshihiko Hori, Akihiro Morimoto, Kumano Kazuhisa, Taniguchi Zenzaburo, Maniwa Nozomi, Yamada Rihito, Wakata Yoh, Hiroyuki Omori, Hiroki Kobayashi, Yuma Hazama, Yojiro Maeda, Kazuki Matsukawa, Osaka Eiki, Takeuchi Yusuke, Takemasa Takahiro, Nagasawa Masanori, Nishida Kosuke, Honda Soichiro, Mizohata Tomoki, Yanagiuchi Hirotomo