"Dental Restoration" helps to keep an aesthetic appearance of people’s teeth, restore their form, functions, and aesthetics, and prevent diseases

Operative dentistry is a study intended to maintain, conserve precious teeth, and keep their functions, by treating and preventing them without removing them. With the tradition of more than 100 years, it recently became more focused on maintaining an aesthetic, fine appearance, rather than simply preserving them. Among operative dentistry, our department focuses on "Dental Restoration" to restore morphology, functions, and aesthetic appearance of teeth disintegrated or discolored due to decay (technically called dental caries), aging, etc., and prevent them.


Prof. YAMAMOTO Kazuyo
Kazuyo Yamamoto
  • Assistant Professors: Hiroaki Tanimoto, Kenzou Yasuo, Naohiro Iwata, Saeko Okumura, Keita Yokota, Yuto Morikawa, Kazue Iwasaki
  • Graduate Students: Ayano Ogata, Koji Miki, Haonan Zhang, Wu Guangxing, Hiroki Kishida, Dijia Hu, Shiyu Lyu, Xie Lingjun