Learn the fundamental of dentistry and open advanced dental care.

- Let us create the "next-generation treatment" in the field of maxillofacial and dentistry-.

Message to students: A dentist with limited knowledge of oral medicine will not gain complete trust from patients. In the Department of Oral Anatomy, we focus on the following two areas: oral anatomy, which is a macroscopic exploration of tooth morphology, dentition, and occlusion, and oral histology, which is a microscopic understanding of the developmental process and normal structure of teeth and periodontal tissues, can be positioned as an introduction to oral medicine (dentistry). Based on this knowledge, you will be able to firmly establish your specialty in oral medicine. Since oral medicine is different from what you studied up to high school, you may feel confused at first. However, regardless of your age, new study topics can be confusing. You will be welcome to join us for the exciting study of dentistry and acquire essential knowledge step by step.

Researches: with remarkable advances in medicine and dentistry in recent years, it is challenging to develop new technologies solely based on knowledge in the dental field. Based on knowledge of oral anatomy and oral histology, the Department of Oral Anatomy leverages broad knowledge on engineering, information engineering, biology, medicine, regenerative medicine, and anti-senescence (anti-aging) medicine, aiming to elucidate the mechanism where multiple cells move in an integrated manner (multicellular society) and develop the next-generation technology related to the maxillofacial and dental fields with clarifying new mechanisms (advanced oral anatomy).


Prof. Honda
Yoshitomo Honda

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  • Assistant Professors:
    Yasuhiko Matsushima, Masato Nakagawa
  • Graduate Students:
    Deng Zi, Wang Yutian, Zheng Shanshan, Qin Ke, Yu Lianjing, Daoyi Liu, DU Xinfei, JIANG Wentao, LYU Jiaru
    Geriatric Dentistry: Baiyan Zhang, Mirai Hide
    Orthodontics: Yosuke Miyaji, Yohei Morihana, Kanna Tatsumi
    Operative Dentistry: Hiroki Kishida