Study to develop one's diagnostic ability directly linked to treatment policy for various diseases and to serve as the foundation for healthcare professionals treating patients

Pathology means a theory and principle of a disease. This is the study about why one develops a disease, how a disease occurs, what happens after one develops a disease, etc. In the lectures on Pathology, we will learn the concept of diseases and lesions of local changes observed in the process of occurrence of diseases. Then, in the lectures on Oral Pathology, students will learn about macroscopic and microscopic findings of various diseases in the oral area, and in the practical training, they will use microscopy to understand characteristics of various diseases and acquire knowledge leading to histopathological diagnosis. To facilitate this, our friendly staff answer questions from students.


Prof. TOMINAGA Kazuya
Kazuya Tominaga
  • Assistant Professors: Tomoharu Okamura, Chihoko Ikeda
  • Graduate Students: Harumi Isono, Suzuki Katsuhiro, Hisano Yukino, Takehiro Yoshikane