Dental care begins with imaging diagnosis

Our department has three major roles of "dental care", "student education", and "clinical research".
"Dental care" is performed at the "Central Imaging (Oral Radiology) Department" of our University Hospital. We accept requests for imaging examinations and diagnosis from all departments. The digital examinations of the oral and maxillofacial regions are performed, including panoramic radiography, cephalography, and intraoral periapical radiograph. We also provide comprehensive diagnosis using medical CT, dental cone-beam CT, and MRI. The recently induced 3-Tesla MRI machine can provide high quality images in the short amount of time. The intraoral ultrasound examinations are performed. Brain MRI and MRA are also performed, and medical specialists (Department of Radiology, Kansai Medical University) interpret images quickly and accurately.
In both fields of medicine and dentistry, we are striving every day to optimize examinations and improve diagnostic capabilities, leading to better treatment.


Yoshiko Ariji
  • Associate Professor Hironori Akiyama
  • Assistant Professors: Shinya Kotaki, Michihito Nozawa, Motoki Fukuda
  • Graduate Student Marino Araragi