Comprehensive oral health science for children who lead the society in the future

We seek to understand oral health of children throughout their development (from the fetal period to the end of puberty), based on the two perspectives of "disease science" and "health science," and establish science to "prevent diseases" and "promote health," while playing an active role in the international arena.
Specifically, we strive to achieve world-class research accomplishments, present them in international academic journals, and create a department that continues to live up to the global standards. We train pediatric dentists with stage-of-the-art knowledge, technics, and dignity who respect children's rights and understand psychology of children and parents. Visiting countries where study and clinical practice of pediatric dentistry are still under development, we help improve knowledge and skills of local dental care professionals and conduct joint research.
In clinical practice, our mission is "to promote health awareness, healthy behaviors, and oral health among children, so they can attain good health that lasts throughout their life until old age," and we foster healthy permanent occlusion and support child care, through long-term oral health management for all types of children, including healthy ones and disabled or ill ones, from their birth until they reach adulthood.
Specifically, we provide extensive and advanced dental care, including prevention and treatment of dental caries, prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases, occlusal induction, extraction of impacted supernumerary teeth, extraction of cysts, tooth reimplantation, and treatment of traumatized teeth. Some of our unique initiatives are application of pediatric behavioral science in clinical practice to prevent and mitigate children's dental anxiety and fear, and provision of functional therapies for children with dysphagia.
Postgraduate students are also encouraged to improve their clinical skills within a permitted range, and our program is designed for all participants to be certified as a pediatric dental specialist and a certified dentist for disabled patients after a certain period of time. Many from our department have been successful in such areas as pediatric dentistry, dental care for disabled patients, and community dental health management.


  • Associate Professor Yoko Abe
  • Assistant Professors: Mie Sonomoto, Takako Nishimura, Rie Imataki, Sho Aoki, Sayoko Hitomi, Maria Ikeda