Periodontology is the study related to people's systemic health, with bright prospects

Periodontal disease is a major dental disease as common as dental caries. In Japan where aging is accelerated, it is not uncommon for people aged 80 years or older to have more than 20 teeth, partially due to the 8020 campaign. As a result of many teeth remaining in the elderly, the morbidity of periodontal disease in the elderly has been increasing, and the needs for its treatment are increasing. In addition, periodontal disease draws the highest attention due to its potential association with the systemic conditions, in particular with vascular diseases such as diabetes and arteriosclerosis, and therefore periodontal treatment is expected to help alleviation of these systemic diseases. Therefore, periodontology increasingly gathers high expectations as a science linked to public health.
In recent years, previously impossible regeneration of a lost tissue has become realistic due to progress in regenerative medicine, and periodontology is also deeply related with regenerative medicine. As a result, teeth that would have been extracted in the past are now conserved for proper functions. Periodontology will continue to be very important, as it plays an essential role in promotion of public health and in dental regenerative medicine, and we robustly promote this field in education, research and clinical practice. Moreover, we aim to improve our department members' skills through practical training of periodontal surgery, etc., and actively support their registration as certified dentists/specialists at the Japanese Society of Periodontal Medicine. Members in our medical office are pleasant and friendly. Students interested in periodontology will be welcomed for consultation.


Prof. UMEDA Makoto
Makoto Umeda
  • Assistant Professors: Hirohito Kato, Chizuko Ogata, Isao Yamawaki, Nobuhiro Yamauchi, Norimasa Tsumori, Hitoshi Azuma, Kazutaka Imai, Omatsu Keiju, Minagawa Emika
  • Graduate Students: Hideki Akimoto, Tomoko Kanda, Yurika Nakamura, Chihiro Fumimoto, Sho Mizutani, Kimihiro Yoshimura, Kashitani Kosho, Masu Niina, Ryosuke Okamoto, Ohki Jyumpei