Tomorrow's dental medicine starts with today's physiology

We become hungry, sweat in the hot environment, and increase our heartbeat after an exercise. We may not be able to stop crying at night, after breaking up with someone you love. But at some point, we become sleepy. In such a situation, what is happening in our body?
All mechanisms, functions and principles of our life are related to physiology. Understanding body's basic functions and mechanisms leads to improvement of our health, as well as better understanding, treatment and prevention of diseases. Physiology is the underlying science to make this happen.
In a dental university, students do not learn only oral physiology related to mouth. Our oral system is not independent of our entire body, but integrated and deeply related with it. Therefore, in this class, students will learn "Physiology" of systemic mechanism and then "Oral Physiology." This will increase understanding of the relationship between the entire body and the oral cavity.


Prof. GOUDA Seiji
Seiji Goda
  • Associate Professor Hiroshi Inoue
  • Assistant Professor Nagako Sogawa
  • Graduate Students: Meili Mu, Ruixuan Zhang, Chengwei Li