We seek better artificial dentures!

The Department of Removable Prosthodontics is engaged in study and treatment to place a removable partial denture (partial plate denture) for a missing tooth (1st to 13th missing tooth), in order to improve patient’s masticatory function, so that they can bite any food, take well-balanced nutrition, and enjoy meals and stay energetic every day.
In this department, we will learn the knowledge necessary for creating artificial dentures that will be useful for patients. In the practical training, each of you will be asked to make a denture based on this knowledge. Our faculty will support you so that you can become a good dentist for your patients in the future.
Currently, 10 staff members perform a variety of tasks in a balanced manner, including lectures, basic and clinical trainings, as well as research, clinical practice (prosthodontic treatment) and etc. Also, we have postgraduates and many international students, so the department is very international. Many faculty members are young, so it is easier for students to come and ask questions.


Kenji Maekawa
  • Assistant Professors: Satsuki Yamamoto, Takuya Mino, Kurosaki Yoko, Yuichiro Tashiro, Shihoko Inui, Seiji Takao, Daigo Sakai, Mariko Nishizaki
  • Graduate Students: Xin Wang, Harumitsu Tsubouchi, Tatsushi Naito, He Jun, Sin Tszhei, Zheng Jiating