Message from the Director

Director / UMEDA Makoto

Director: Prof.
Makoto Umeda

The Institute of Dental Research in Osaka Dental University started as the "General Research Department" in April 1981 and changed the name to "Institute of Dental Research" in 1995. It began operations at the present site when Osaka Dental University relocated to Kuzuha Campus in April 1997.

With the latest equipment, this institute is a research base where postgraduates and researchers in various specialized fields who will lead the future of the dental community are committed to their study and research every day. There are 10 research and laboratory facilities and a central material room on four floors from the basement to the 3rd floor. They are open to all researchers in the university and support the latest research conducted in the departments of the school. Around 60 to 70 scientific papers are published using the facilities of this institution. Thus, it supports the academic dissertations of most postgraduates in the university. Also, explanatory meetings, seminars, and demonstration of equipment are organized for postgraduates and researchers several times a year as needed, and lecture sessions and practical training sessions on animal experiments are provided twice a year as education and training on animal experiments.

As the 9th director of Institute of Dental Research appointed in April 2018, I would like to further activate research activities of postgraduates and researchers. Since the institution is jointly used by various departments, we will improve the environment to promote their cooperation in research. Also, we aim at an easier-to-use institution by gathering feedback from the departments. As a core research institution of Osaka Dental University, we will make efforts to contribute to the development of dental research in Japan by publishing more scientific papers from this institute. I apprecsate your continued support and cooperation.

About the Institute of Dental Research

Operation of the Institute of Dental Research

The Institute of Dental Research is operated in accordance with the management and operation rules, the bylaw for management, operation, and use, as well as the matters to be observed.

Activities of the Institute of Dental Research

At the Institute of Dental Research, we provide orientation, lecture meetings, and seminars to continuously support the attitude and motivation for research.

  • Orientation for new postgraduates and new teachers (April)
  • Lecture meeting at the Institute of Dental Research (several times a year)
  • Training session and briefing session
    • Explanatory meeting/seminar/demonstration of equipment (several times a year as needed)
    • Education and training on animal experiments (twice a year)
      (1) Lecture sessions on animal experiments
      (2) Practical training sessions on animal experiments