About the center

We have established the CAD/CAM center equipped with Aadva Verita Lab, GC's dental CAD/CAM system, in the hospital, where prosthetic devices (such as crowns) to be placed on teeth are produced with automatic machining with a computer.

Fillings and crowns were manually fabricated at a dental laboratory center. However, with the introduction of the dental CAD/CAM system, dental model measurement to molding can be fabricated by automatic machining with the computer in the hospital.

After dentists' examination and diagnosis, the teeth for prosthetic treatment are ground, and the impression is taken to fabricate a working model. A working model is measured three-dimensionally with a scanner to design a prosthetic treatment matching the shape of the working model (these measurement and design are called CAD).
The shape data is converted into data for processing, and the prosthetic device is automatically fabricated from a block (this automated machining is called CAM). The prosthesis finished by a dental technician is adjusted in the mouth of the patient and applied to the tooth.