Personal information of patients

We will use valuable personal information and records obtained from patients not only as a medical institution but also as an educational, training, and research institution for the following purposes. All healthcare professionals and employees engaged in auxiliary operations are committed to protecting personal information. Your understanding and cooperation would be appreciated.

I. Purpose of the use of personal information

(If your personal information is used for the purpose other than the following, your consent will be obtained in writing.)

1. In-hospital use

1) Medical services provided to patients
2) Paperwork for health insurance
3) Administrative operation related to patients

  • Accounting
  • Ward management such as hospitalization/discharge
  • Reporting of medical accidents, etc.
  • Improvement of medical services for patients
  • Basic materials for maintenance and improvement of medical services and operations for patients
  • Practical training and clinical training for dental medicine, etc. conducted in our hospital

2. Using at Osaka Dental University

1) Education related to dental medicine, etc.
2) Case studies conducted within the university
3) Provision of information to an external auditing organization

3. Provision of information to other business operators, etc.

1) Medical services provided to patients at our hospital

  • Cooperation with other hospitals, clinics, birthing centers, pharmacies, visiting nurse stations, nursing care providers, etc.
  • Response to inquiries from other medical institutions, etc.
  • When seeking opinions and advice from external physicians, etc. for medical care, etc. of patients
  • Outsourcing of sample tests and other operations
  • Explanation of disease condition and treatment plan to patient's family, etc.

2) Paperwork for health insurance, etc.

  • Outsourcing of health insurance affairs
  • Insurance claim to the healthcare bill check and payment organization
  • Response to inquiries from the healthcare bill check and payment organization or insurer, etc.

3) Notification of results of health checkup, etc. entrusted by the business operator, etc. to the relevant business operator, etc.
4) Consultation or notification, etc. to medical professional organizations and insurance companies, etc. related to medical professional liability insurance, etc.
5) Provision of information to public institutions, etc. based on laws and regulations
6) Reporting of adverse events, etc. to related organizations

II. You have the following rights to your personal information:

1) You can ask for notification of the purpose of use of your personal information.
2) You can ask for disclosure of your personal information.
3) You can request correction, addition, or deletion of the contents of your disclosed personal information.
4) If you believe that your personal information is being handled improperly, you can request that your personal information be stopped from being used, deleted, or stopped from being provided.
5) If you are dissatisfied with the determination, etc. of the above rights, you can file an objection to our hospital.


1) Please let us know if there is any matter(s) that you cannot agree with in the purposes of use described in 'I' above. You will be considered to have agreed to what you do not make an offer. The decision on whether or not to consent to the purpose of use can be changed later.
2) If you have any questions about personal information at our hospital, please contact the reception desk (the staff in charge of personal information protection consultation will respond).

August, 2017
Director of Osaka Dental University Hospital